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20 Essential Features For Your E-Commerce Website

You can choose from a wide range of different filters, like color or size preferences. This makes shopping easier and faster because it removes any uncertainty about which qualities should be considered when making an order. A Wishlist gives you an insight into all aspects of your business – from product choice to marketing strategy and customer preferences.

Why Commerce Cloud is the world’s leading ecommerce platform. Besides email opt-in, there is another way to inform your potential customers about your latest deals—push notification. Anyone who enables or agrees on the push notification request that pops up in the upper left corner of an e-commerce website can receive desktop notifications. For example, SHEIN, a fast-growing e-commerce clothing business, has advanced payment features. Another way to answer your customers’ queries is through utilising AI chatbot or live customer support.

With these visitors, you’re likely to make a profit, so it’s crucial that you put a plan into action to increase their number. To do this, it’s vital that you take the time to analyze your website and see what you can do to improve it. Look at everything from the color scheme to the layout, and see if there’s anything that needs changing.

Have a look atEtsy, for instance, to see how it presets images of all kinds of items. This is an extremely efficient tactic for businesses when they want to boost sales during certain occasions. Limited time offers or discount codes provide a sense of urgency, thus making customers purchase more and reduce cart abandonment.

features of an e-commerce website

A well-designed ecommerce platform should also feature order shipment transparency, painless returns and a streamlined customer experience that goes beyond the purchase. Ecommerce is primarily for the site visitors, users and store customers who buy products and services from that business. All ecommerce websites are unique in their respective ways but their main features of ecommerce websites remain the same. Trends on ecommerce website design like seamless animation, 360◦ product previews, advanced filtering, and dynamic product search have further boosted innovation.

Now, the users can instantly see the product they are about to purchase with a 360-degree view. Among the most important design considerations for ecommerce sites are simple website navigation and intuitive layout. As a rule of thumb, a user has to reach any information on your website within three clicks. how to create a custom e-commerce website In the case of ecommerce website, all roads should lead to the checkout, and that’s what superior navigation is all about. You may offer several different shipping options, with each one varying in price. Free shipping is the most common practice nowadays, but some specific methods do require payment.

Create your Online Store

Lengthy account signup forms can cause potential purchasers to abandon their carts, so every ecommerce checkout should feature an additional short form for speedy purchasing. A good ecommerce platform should also allow for order shipping transparency and painless returns, promoting a streamlined customer experience that extends beyond the purchase. In-built recommendations of different kinds are the vital features of eCommerce websites. It is important to offer a personalized shopping experience for every customer and make them feel special about your brand. Similar to shipping, the payment option is one of the most important ecommerce website features. A credible ecommerce store should have a secure payment gateway such as PayPal, Stripe, and Braintree.

One of our clients, Thouqi, shows the discounted price in a different color. They also show the original price, but the discounted price is featured and much more visible, encouraging customers to take advantage of current lower prices. Try to capture the product from all the important angles so the customers know exactly what they’re buying. Maybe the words are not in the same order, or maybe there is an extra word in the query. Descriptive and informative product titles bring in much more value to the product. Also, it’s crucial to keep your product titles short and simple.

  • The images need to be of high-resolution and optimized for page load.
  • You can choose from lots of templates or build custom designs using apps like Instagram into one cohesive whole – there are almost limitless possibilities when building on Shopify.
  • Power secure shopping experiences with our scalable global eCDN network.
  • As smartphones and tablets have become more common, consumers have begun to expect that your website is mobile-friendly, too.

Return policies are important, especially for a business that sells products online. They let customers know you stand behind your products and allow them to shop more confidently on your site. Using micro-animations on an ecommerce website can really improve the overall user experience and highlight areas of a page where you’d like your customers to focus.

#8 Easy to use the checkout

The next time you visit ASOS, it will automatically redirect you to the “men” section of their website, automatically shortening the time needed to get to the desired product. There are many features that an eCommerce website should have on its homepage, so keep reading. Wish lists are great, you can create one for electronics, one for books to read, one for fashion, one for skincare and one for holiday gift ideas.

features of an e-commerce website

These effective visual aids don’t just tell people where they are on your ecommerce store but they also help Google work out how your site is structured. Breadcrumbs facilitate website navigation by making it simple for users to move between a product catalog, categories, and homepages. Considering you’re https://globalcloudteam.com/ running an eCommerce business almost exclusively online, it’s more than essential to have a contact page. It has become a norm for eCommerce websites, regardless of what kind of products or services are they offering. Stats show us that smart phone shopping accounts for 50% of online transactions.

Mobile-Friendly Features

The main purpose behind this modification is to make our shopping experience easy and secure. If you give your customers a great user experience, they will become repeat customers. This not only helps in reducing losses but also in creating better customer relationships.

People love browsing product catalogs with bright, crisp images. Besides, pictures influence the viewer’s opinion of the product. If the photo looks bad, the item will instantly lose its charm no matter how great it might be in real life. Your job starts with acquiring the most relevant and effective keywords for your ecommerce website. This is the most important step ofSEOoptimisation since almost everything revolves around the right keywords.

E-Commerce Website Features List

A website should be clean and devoid of unnecessary, complicated and gimmicky features. Such features can affect buyer perception and take away from what you brand is all about. Keep your website clean and simple – This goes hand-in-hand with the above point.

E-commerce merchants should always take into consideration what payment options are preferred by shoppers when it comes time to make a decision. It is also beneficial, though not necessary for all retailers at once, to look into which online payments work best within your region or among the customer base you’re targeting. The most popular web browser amongst customers is Google Chrome, but it’s important to keep in mind that you can’t just plan for one platform.

features of an e-commerce website

This search feature helps to get recommended products in the dropdown when a customer types the word or phrase in the search box. It also leads to an increase in on-site time total by all site visitors, familiarizes with the product range, and helps to draw attention to the current offers. Integrate mobile payment solutions into their business model. Several customers are changing to mobile wallets not just for accessibility functions, however conjointly for the improved security measures they provide, like coupons and offers.

Payment method

Most payments are online, and rarely do people prefer the option of cash on delivery when you can already use other payment methods. Hence, security in the payment gateway is necessary to build a shopping app. Then, with team support, you include time-to-time market updates to make it more user-friendly if necessary for the business. The team of developers will provide you with the same before they completely hand over this online shopping app. It is of great value to your site as it facilitates instant communication to help your visitors through any stage they are having difficulty with.

Start Creating Fantastic Shopping Experiences

Not just for checkout, your customer services and pages should be conjointly straightforward to seek out. Content is one of the crucial challenges for any e-commerce website. If you want to get better results in SERPs , be sure to add fresh and unique content on your website.

It allows you to tell your audience about your business, create brand awareness, promote your business, and so on. This function allows your customers to add or remove products from the cart. This upgrades the user experience and fastens the checkout process. As AI improves over time, so will businesses’ capacity to cater to their customers’ needs. Creating a convenient, fun shopping experience will make your visitors spend more time in your store and more likely to return later. If you let your users create their wishlists on your website, your site will start making steps towards becoming one of the top places where buyers enjoy spending time.

Multiple Security Features

As an important type of features of eCommerce website design, categories allow users to look for information that is relevant. Simply put, they make eCommerce website search easier, helping visitors narrow down their search if they are looking for something specific. This can be done by using product categories and tags or by offering a search bar on every page. In this regard, the eCommerce homepage design should show a clear path to start the customer journey to purchase a product.

Delivery and returns data are crucially vital for your website and can facilitate to make customers trust in your whole. Commonly the delivery and returns data page at finding at the bottom, that’s the footer on a web look of a website. It crawls and ranks your website to the first page of search engines. A good e-commerce website has a responsive search box that gives relevant suggestions. Such a responsive search box helps buyers find products quickly.

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