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17 powerful employee onboarding survey questions to use

Questions To Ask New Employees In Their 1st Month

Generally, you shouldn’t survey an employee more than three times in their first six months. And, surveys shouldn’t take more than 15 minutes to complete. Even if the new hire’s answers indicate that they’re doing just fine, make sure to follow up with them after they complete their survey. Check-ins should be scheduled within a few weeks of the questionnaire being completed. Likert scale questions https://www.wave-accounting.net/ are used in various types of research, and they’re great for new hire questionnaires. They’re helpful because they provide more information than a simple “yes or no,” and they help the person answering the question consider how they feel about a particular question. Although it’s always helpful to have more information, you also don’t want to overwhelm a new hire with constant questions.

You should also avoid asking questions that try to close the deal. (“So, do I have the job?”) You don’t want to sound presumptuous or like you don’t respect the company’s interview process. Make it a point to meet with new hires within the first 60 days. Start by reminding them you’re glad they’re part of the organization and you value their input. The last thing an organization wants to do is restart the expensive hiring process because a new employee walked out after a couple of months. But, they’ll also pay attention to how you answer, not just when you’ll be ready for work. If you seem willing to leave your current employer high and dry, the interviewer will worry that you’ll do the same to your new employer, should you get the job.

The Last Step: The one on one questions you need to ask *every time*

You can some morebenefits of having branded survey portalsin this blog that we published recently. Regardless of when you decide to deploy the questionnaire just don’t let it be too late. New employees can feel a bit overwhelming as everything around them is new. If you are upper-level management you need to make sure your managers are not only technically sound but also proficient in soft skills. One critical item that every leader should have on their onboarding checklist is setting up the first one-on-one meeting. It’s your chance to make a positive first impression and set the tone for how you’lll work together moving forward.

  • And part of creating this « good onboarding experience » is asking the right questions on your employee onboarding survey.
  • We work with a range of clients from Virgin Media, Next to Brighton and Sussex Medical School.
  • Lees suggests saying something like, “I do have a few questions but before I ask, can I say one thing?
  • Including core engagement survey questions in your onboarding survey provides an important point of comparison for a later period of a new hire’s tenure.

Here are the key four benefits of using an online new hire questionnaire or survey tool or software. We encourage you to check in with the new hire in person after their second week of work. We also encourage reviewing questionnaire answers either in person or over the phone. Your new hire may elaborate more on their answers during in-person check-ins. Questions To Ask New Employees In Their 1st Month They may also be more likely to share their true feelings if they don’t have to put it in writing. It’s important to connect with the employee in their first months of work. Although new employee questionnaires are useful, they don’t provide as much of an opportunity to connect as in-person connections, and can feel impersonal to the employee.

Top 15 questions for new hire questionnaire

Learn from the world’s biggest collection of employee insights. Yet, almost a quarter of companies say they don’t bother with onboarding programs, according to a report by Harvard Business Review.

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